• Assessment & Optimization

    detailed assessment and analysis of existing ICT platforms, delivering recommendations for improvements.

  • Design

    design of complex ICT solutions tailored to fulfill our customer’s needs.

  • Deployment

    HW/SW delivery, implementation and go-live of delivered ICT solutions.

  • Support & Maintenance

    taking care that delivered ICT solution performs efficiently and without disruptions.

  • Project Management

    managing deployment in accordance to global PM standards.

  • Knowledge Transfer

    taking care that customer understands technology trends and choses right solutions.

  • Consulting

    advising our customers on technology and business developments and benefits they can gain.

  • Fault recovery

    Reporting of software/hardware faul Fault recovery. t is possible 24 hours a day, all days of a year. Response, relief and repair times depend on the conditions of the maintenance and support contract.

  • Software upgrades

    Access to all minor releases of software and delivery of new versions of software, as they are delivered by the producer, where these are relevant, depending on Service Support level provided by Vendor.

  • Knowledge base

    Access to information systems of equipment suppliers.

  • Technical assistance

    by telephone, fax, electronic mail and web page. Response time depends on the conditions of the support contract.

  • Remote support

    Configuration changes, system monit Remote support. oring, troubleshooting, testing.

  • On-site support

    Hardware or software installation, upgrades, replacement, testing.

Service Provider & Telco

  • ALBtelecom (AL)
  • Amis Telekom (HR)
  • Andorra Telecom (AND)
  • Aneks (BiH)
  • AOL Europe (D)
  • B.net Hrvatska (HR)
  • BH Telecom (BiH)
  • BHB Lukavac (BiH)
  • Dubrovnik Telekom (HR)
  • Eagle Mobile (AL)
  • Eircom (IRL)
  • Emobile (J)
  • europroNET Bosnia (BiH)
  • Fastweb (I)
  • GTS/Contactel (CZ)
  • H1 Telekom (HR)
  • Hansenet (D)
  • HappyMany (B)
  • HT Mostar (BiH)
  • Inclarity (GB)
  • Infracom (I)
  • IPKO Telecommunications LLC (RKS)
  • Iskon (HR)
  • Jordan Telecom (HKJ)
  • Lannet Communications (GR)
  • Lightspeed Communications (BRN)
  • Logosoft (BiH)
  • Lyse Tele (N)
  • Metronet (HR)
  • Missnet Bihać (BiH)
  • Mobilis (DZ)
  • Montenegro Telecom (MNE)
  • ON Telecoms (GR)
  • On.net / One (MK)
  • Orbitel (BG)
  • P&T Luxembourg (L)
  • Plus (AL)
  • Primo (AL)
  • SITA (I)
  • Slovak Telekom (SK)
  • SoftBank Mobile (J)
  • Swan (SK)
  • T2 (SLO)
  • T-Com (HR)
  • Telecom Egypt (ET)
  • Telekabel (BiH)
  • Telekom Austria (A)
  • Telekom Slovenia (SLO)
  • TeliaSonera AB (FIN)
  • TeliaSonera AB (S)
  • Tiscali (CZ)
  • T-Mobile (HR)
  • T-Systems (I)
  • Türk Telekom (TR)
  • Turkcell Superonline (TR)
  • TUŠ Telekom (SLO)
  • Velnet (BiH)
  • Velnet Mostar (BiH)
  • Vipnet (HR)
  • Voljatel (SLO)
  • Voljatel (HR)
  • PTK/Vala (RKS)


  • Banco Popular Dominicano (DO)
  • FINA (HR)
  • Hypo–Leasing Kroatien (HR)
  • Merkur osiguranje (HR)
  • Partner banka (HR)
  • Raiffeisen BANK Austria (HR)
  • UniCredit Leasing (HR)
  • VB Leasing (HR)

Energy, Oil and Gas

  • HEP (HR)
  • KEK (RKS)
  • PAZ (IL)
  • Petróleos Mexicanos (MX)
  • Tifon (HR)


  • Aerodrom Sarajevo (BiH)
  • AutoZubak (HR)
  • Croatian Highways (HR)
  • DHL (HR)
  • Zagreb Airport (HR)


  • CARNet (HR)
  • City of Zagreb (HR)
  • Croatian Waters (HR)
  • FZZZ (BiH)
  • JU UKC Tuzla (BiH)
  • Regos (HR)
  • USAID (BiH)


  • Adriatica.net (HR)
  • Atlas (HR)
  • Hotel Bristol (BiH)
  • IRTA (HR)
  • Istraturist Umag (HR)
  • Kompas (HR)
  • Liburnia (HR)
  • Maistra (HR)
  • Valamar (HR)


  • Agrokor (HR)
  • ArcelorMittal (BiH)
  • Fercom (HR)
  • Oktal Pharma (HR)

Systems Integrator

  • Aricent (IND)
  • LatCapital (VN)
  • Logica (GB)
  • StrateSys (E)


  • Al Jazeera Balkans (BiH)
  • Croatian Radio Television (HR)
  • K1 TV (BiH)


  • Brodokomerc Nova (HR)
  • Konzum (HR)
  • Opresa (BiH)


  • Emporion informatika (HR)
  • IN2 (HR)
  • Perpetuum Mobile (HR)
  • Wizard (BiH)


  • ELKA Kabeli (HR)
  • Istragrafika (HR)
  • TDR (HR)

Real Estate

  • BCI (HR)

Verso Company

About us

Verso offers full lifecycle services, starting from consultancy, planning and design, to maintenance and proactive exploitation services, support and training. Verso is regional networking powerhouse, encompassing technological, organisational, business and commercial knowledge and expertise with the provisioning of products and services needed by companies transitioning into networked economy.
Verso is strongly focused on service providers and enterprise market and has many years of experience in international projects implementing IP telephony solutions for service providers across EMEA region.


Verso team is a group of professionals established on regional market, bringing in the experiences from global vendors, local partners, customers and local service providers, combining management, sales, marketing and technological knowledge and a sizeable market reputation with internationally recognized industry certifications. Putting customer success first, open communication, teamwork and dedication to quality are the cornerstones of Verso culture.


Verso aims to be long-term profitable company universally recognized by all market players to be a leading company in the region in applying solutions and technologies that are the underlying foundation for business concepts that networked business model brings.
These goals are pursued by focus on providing these values:

  • Customers recognize Verso as a company that provides them the best value for money, measured by customer success criteria.
  • Cisco, Microsoft, HP, SAP and other vendors recognize Verso as a company that is a foremost contributor to their success in reaching their market goals.
  • Service Provider partner recognizes Verso as a company that it partners with and plans elements of its strategy for achieving joint goals on Croatian market.
  • Eco-system partners which operate in layers below or above Verso area of action recognize Verso as a company of quality and stability that helps them to successfully satisfy the needs of joint customers in their own layer.

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